Director General: Dr. H. Purushotham

Dr. Purushotham is a Chemical Engineer by education and has over 32 years of diverse experience across the innovation value chain by working at different government institutions and reputes several committees of Govt. He has implemented several projects funded by World Bank, UNIDO, UNDP and ADB.

He has also served as a Director in the NICCO Corporation, Andaman Fisheries Ltd. and Shilpi Aqua Culture Pvt.Ltd. and as an Investment Committee Member of UTI, India Ascent Venture Fund, Gujarat Venture Fund Ltd. and Venteneast VC Fund and APIDC.

He was trained at (i) Venture Capital Institute (VCI), Washington, USA on “Venture Capital Funding”,(ii) NBIA,USA on setting up of “Technology Business Incubators”,(iii) MDI on “How to Engage and Use Consultants” and (iv) ASCI on “Management of R&D Systems”.

He is a recipient of "Meritorious Young Consultant Award 1991" Instituted by Consultancy Development Centre, Ministry of Science & Technology. He has authored/ co-authored 65 project reports,5 book chapters, one book, published/ presented 70 research papers in various journals and conferences, filed three patents and helped industry in commercializing more than 100 technologies in different sectors.


  • Shri Chandrakant G. Rao
  • Shri D.R. Kalra
  • Shri InamulHaq
  • Shri Mahendra Raj
  • Shri P.P. Dharwadkar
  • Shri S.P. Agarwal
  • Prof. S.S. Chakraborty
  • Dr. S. Varadarajan
  • Shri UmeshShrivastava
  • Shri V.K. Chopra


  • Dr. K.V. Swaminathan
  • Shri P.K. Rudra
  • Prof. Ashok Parthasarathi
  • Dr. UddeshKohli
  • Prof. Samir K. Brahmachari


  • Shri Chandrakant G. Rao
  • Shri R.C. Bajpai
  • Shri R.C. Kehar
  • Dr. Vijay Aggarwal
  • Shri Somenath Ghosh
  • Shri Deepak Agarwal
  • Dr. Sunil Abrol
  • Dr. K. Jayakumar
  • Shri Deepak Agarwal

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