Technical Consultancy Development Programme for Asia and the Pacific (TCDPAP) is a programme promoted by UN-ESCAP for developing consulting capabilities at National, Sub-Regional and Regional levels in the Asia and Pacific Region. The programme comprises 14 Countries of Asia and Pacific region as members. Besides India, the member countries include China, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Iran, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Vietnam.

The main objectives of the TCDPAP relate to promotion of local consultants in national and regional projects in the Asia and the Pacific Region by establishing, developing and continuously upgrading the consultancy capabilities and to operate as a regional apex body for the promotion of engineering design and consultancy services in the Asian and Pacific region. 13 countries of Asia & Pacific region are the members of TCDPAP.

CDC is the Secretariat of TCDPAP since 1994 and has been carrying out various activities like information dissemination, publication’s, organizing training programmes/seminars in member countries and networking among member consultants etc. It has provided active Secretarial support in organizing International Conferences, in addition to organizing General Council and Executive Committee meetings of TCDPAP during the past decade.

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